Can The Microtouch One Stainless Steel Safety Razor Get Rusty?

my microtouch one classic safety razor

My Microtouch One Classic Safety Razor

After 25 years of using disposable razors and the expensive Gillette razors with replaceable razor cartridges, I finally splurged this year and bought myself one of those cool safety razors — this is the exact one I got right here — the stainless steel kind where you just change out the little blades as needed.  That’s the kind my dad used when I was a kid (and I think he still uses it, 30 years later) and now I understand why.

  • They shave very close
  • No plastic – they’re made to last forever
  • The refill blades are super cheap

So basically, they are more like a long-term investment that saves you plenty of money over the years.  Way better than upgrading my old Mach Whatever every couple of years.

Well, my wife had been wanting me — practically begging me — to grow out my beard again (ROWR!), so I finally stopped shaving completely and let it all go for a few months.  I liked it, for the most part.  But you know, eventually it gets annoying when you have all those food crumbs and drips of sauce getting in there and bleeehh.  I’m lazy and like low maintenance grooming, but my low maintenance beard really started to need some maintaining, and after a few weeks of trimming here and there, I just decided it was time to kick that bad boy to the curb.

So I buzzed it way down, and that means it’s time to start shaving again, at least around my throat and just to touch up here and there.

All these weeks, my stainless steel safety razor was sitting on my sink, in its little stainless steel hook-stand-holder thing.  And guess what I finally noticed…?


Not the razor itself, but the stand had rust in several spots around the base.  Not only that, but even the replaceable razor blade I left on there had some rust spots.  So that was a bummer.  It even left a little rust spot on my sink that took forever to scrub out (actually, it’s still there haha).

The razor still works just fine.  I tossed the blade and popped in a new one, and it’s all good to go.  But I was surprised that the stand and the blade got rusty.  In hindsight, it’s obvious that I should have checked it or moved the little stand off the sink and put it away somewhere dry for the time being.  “Stainless” steel is really kind of a misnomer, since all stainless steel will actually rust eventually if it remains in contact with water. It’s more like “stain resistant” than stainless.

Oh well.  I just wasn’t expecting that.

the author with his microtouch one safety razorSo if you buy one of those awesome little razors, take care of it.  Make sure to wipe down the stand and the sink every now and then to keep it from sitting in water and getting rusty, especially if you go through a Duck Dynasty phase and aren’t using it for a few months.

And never…EVER…use a blade that is rusty.  You’re not likely to get tetanus that way (that’s actually kind of a myth…rust itself won’t cause tetanus), but the blade will likely have a rough edge, and you’re more likely to cut yourself and get some kind of infection.

Take care of that safety razor.  Treat it like an investment, and it will be good to you.  🙂

Photo by Chris Desatoff

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