Conair Supreme 3/4 Inch Hot Brush: My Review

Conair Hot Brush review

The Conair Hot Brush

I have wanted to buy a curling iron for about six months now. I haven’t used one for twenty years, but I need one now. I am trying to grow the layers out in my hair so I can pull it all back in a pony tail this summer. This will be my very first summer living in Georgia and even though I live in the mountains of North Georgia, it still gets hot here.

I have naturally wavy hair that likes to do its own thing. You know how it is though when you are trying to grow layers out: pretty messy and the layers just seem to go everywhere except where you want them to.

Curling Iron vs. Curling Brush

So the other day I happened to be in Rite Aid and as I walked by the hair care section, I noticed a Conair curling iron that was only ten dollars. That seemed like a pretty good price to me, especially since all the other ones near it were nineteen dollars up to thirty dollars.

But right next to the curling iron was a Conair Supreme Hot Brush. I had never heard of a hot brush but when I read the two packages, the curling iron was recommended for “skinny curls and tendrils”, and the hot brush was recommended for “medium curls and waves on any length hair.” Seemed like the hot brush was just what I needed for the medium waves I wanted to make in my hair. It also was the same price as the curling iron so I bought it. Today was my first attempt at using it.

First Attempt at Using the Conair Supreme 3.4 Inch Hot Brush

I read the directions and they were easy to read, which I was happy about. The directions said to plug the hot brush in and wait until the light changed from red to white before using it. I am not sure the light on my Conair Supreme Hot Brush actually works because I had it plugged in for twenty minutes and it never turned white, but just a little bit lighter shade of red. But it did feel hot, so I gave it a try. Here’s the before picture…

Before picture

Before using Conair 3/4″ hot brush

What I Liked

One of the things I especially liked about the directions was that it shows five different hairstyles and explains how to get each of the following effects:

  • Straight Hair
  • Flowing Waves
  • Flips for blunt cuts
  • Tousled Hair
  • Wide Waves

The Conair Supreme Hot Brush has ten heat settings. The thicker or wavier your hair is, the higher setting you will need. I chose the number 8 setting for my wavy hair.

It also warns not to wrap your hair around the curling brush more than two times as it could get stuck. Getting hair tangled up in a hot brush can severely burn hair and that would not be a pretty sight (or smell for that matter).

Practice Makes Perfect

Today I just wanted some practice at making sure the layers didn’t stick out on the sides of my head. I decided not to follow any of their styles just yet and curl the ends inward on the bottom and front sides, and back closer to my head on the actual sides of my head.

The directions said that when the hair feels warm (not hot) to the touch, then the curl is set. Because this is a brush, it’s hard to tell the temperature of the hair in between all the brush bristles. The bristles don’t get hot, just the core of the brush. The package describes the bristles as “cool touch bristles” which I am sure causes less of a chance of burns than a curling iron. I just counted to ten and took the brush out and that seemed to work fine. I was very happy with the results because although I didn’t go for a certain style yet, I felt it really gives me some control over my hair and I can have it framing my face instead of doing whatever it wants. Here’s the finished product…

After photo

After using Conair 3/4″ hot brush

My Score for This Product

If I had to give the Conair Supreme 3/4 inch Hot Brush a score, I would give it a 9.5 out of 10 because:

  • The white light doesn’t go on and I really don’t know if I am supposed to have to wait even longer than twenty minutes for it to be ready. That would be an awful lot of pre-planning for a forgetful gal like me who is always in a rush when I’m getting ready to go out somewhere.
  • Also, I would prefer an actual number of seconds to count so I know when the curl is set instead of having to touch my hair to see when it is warm, not hot.
  • I like the brush a lot, I just wish the directions were a bit more helpful in explaining when the curl is set without having to touch it.

The ten heat settings is really nice because users have options as to how hot they want the curling brush to get. With the old curling irons, it was a one shot setting. You just plugged it in and used it, even if it was too hot for your hair.

I really loved the results after using this product and I definitely recommend this Conair Supreme Hot Brush to anyone who has wavy hair or wants medium curls that curling irons just can’t provide.

Photos and text by Karen Hellier.