How To Write Product Reviews For Pukitz


 “Every review is real — with the photos to prove it!”

“Whether it’s a how-to article by someone who actually does it or an honest product review written by someone who really owns the product, we only publish content that will provide value and build trust with our readers.”

“Reviews must be personal (i.e. describing your own personal experience with the product or service).”

“All photos and videos submitted must be yours (i.e. you shot the pics/vids yourself on your own camera or had a friend/family member do it for you), and you must own copyrights of images to get them approved by Pukitz to be included in articles.”

“Youtube videos are allowed. Just type in the url, and Pukitz will automatically embed it.”

“To get a product or business review approved, you must include a photo or video of you using or holding the product or physically at the business location (you must be recognizable in the image to get approval).”


“Product reviews are kind of a big deal on Pukitz.  We take them seriously and lay some additional requirements on our contributors that other websites might not.  Remember, we are all about providing honest, real product reviews by people who actually use the products…with the photos to prove it!  So here are some things to keep in mind to make sure your product review gets approved…

  • minimum 500 words

  • must include photo of you using/holding the product…and the more photos the better!

  • your face and the product must be clearly recognizable in the photo

  • closeup photos are helpful too

  • include as much relevant info about the product as you can, including brand, model number, size, etc

  • research the product to provide additional background info as needed

  • talk about your personal experience with the product, pros and cons, funny experiences, frustrations, whatever

  • if mentioning price ranges (not required) in non-US currencies, please include conversions to US dollars as well

  • don’t feel you have to ‘sell’ the product…just talk about your experience with it

  • do not insert affiliate links to other sites”

What Kind Of Product Reviews Get Approved?

Okay, so first of all, we only do real product reviews here on Pukitz.  None of those fake, bogus reviews which are disgustingly common on the Internet.  If you’ve done any freelance writing online – especially for content mills like Textbroker, iWriter, Fiverr, etc. – then you may have seen gigs where the client specifically tells you that you don’t need to have ever used the product, but to still write a review as if you do actually own that product and love it.

We don’t do that here.

I do think it’s perfectly ethical for freelance writers to write articles about products that they don’t own or have never used, though…just research it thoroughly and then do a write up on it without misleading people or pretending to have personal experience with it.  I’ve done that myself on other sites and have helped many readers make more informed purchases, so I’m not casting stones at anyone who writes product articles like that.

But we don’t do that here, either.

Pukitz product reviews are what real product reviews should be.  We USE these products ourselves.  We OWN (or have owned) these products ourselves.  We take photos and shoot videos of us using and demonstrating these products ourselves.

But we aren’t sales people.  We say what we love about the product, and we say what we don’t love about it, and we try to help our readers make good decisions about whether we think the product would be a good purchase or not.

So when you do a product review for Pukitz, write it for your friends and family.  Imagine that your mom or your sister or your best friend is shopping around for a product like this or has a need for a product like this, and so you are trying to help steer them toward making a good purchase or to get the most out of their purchase.

Photos and Videos…

(NOTE:  as with other articles on Pukitz, photos and videos may not contain promotional watermarks, messages or links.  Contact admin if you have any questions about an image or Youtube video you want to use.)

While there is a teeny bit of wiggle room on other types of articles allowing for photos that you didn’t take yourself, when it comes to product reviews you MUST always shoot those pics yourself – and be sure to include your photo credit line down at the bottom of your article.

So take several photos of the product and its features, and be sure that you are in one or more of the photos, so that readers can see, “Oh…okay…she really owns this thingie.”

Same thing with videos.  Photos are required, and videos are optional, but if you want to make a little video to go along with your review, that would be awesome.  Put it up on your Youtube channel and then add the url right into your Pukitz review on a separate line, and it will automatically embed into your article (meaning…the reader doesn’t click a link and go off to Youtube but instead can watch your video right here without leaving Pukitz).

Be sure the image quality is nice and clear and in focus, and open the curtains or turn on all your lights to keep it from being too dark or grainy.  Oh, and also check to make sure the audio is clear and loud enough.

One last tip for videos…if you’re really new to video and get a little nervous on camera, plan on doing more than one “take”.  Record it, then watch it, and don’t hesitate to record it one more time to make it better.

Oh wait, sorry — one more tip for both photos and videos — vertical/portrait shots from smart phones and such can be very difficult to place inside our articles on Pukitz.  So hold your device horizontally when shooting.  Horizontal/landscape images work so much better and article layouts are much easier on the eyes.

How To Structure Your Product Review

There is no formal outline or structure that you need to follow to get your reviews approved on Pukitz (at least, not at this time).  But if you aren’t used to writing reviews and feel a little intimidated about how to get started, here are some ideas below to help get the words flowing.

Do a quick outline with several subheadings, such as:

  • Why I Bought My [product]
  • Basic Features of the [product]
  • How To Adjust The Settings
  • 4 Things I Absolutely Love About My [product]
  • One Thing To Keep In Mind
  • How To [use the product] More Effectively

Okay, But What Product Should I Review?

When you’re first getting into writing product reviews for Pukitz, it seems like the hardest part is deciding what to review.  That’s why so many of us blow it off and write other stuff instead.  But once you’ve done a couple reviews, it starts to get so much easier…and even enjoyable.

Many of us avoid product reviews like the plague, because we have this belief that product reviews are stiff and boring.  But there ain’t no law that says writing reviews has to be boring.  They can be hard work, but they don’t have to be soul-suckingly boring.  When I focus on helping people and imagine that my review is really just a conversation with my friend who came over to try out my new gadget, that immediately takes a lot of the pressure off.

You’re a creative person.  Let that creativity and fun personality shine through in everything you write!

Chances are, you can look around the room right now and find something to review:  your handy laptop backpack, your favorite new novel that shines a light on autism, your lukewarm yet still tasty cup of herbal coffee, your son’s TMNT UNO card game that doesn’t really belong on the kitchen table, etc.  (Yes…those are all product reviews right here on Pukitz.  Go check them out if you need ideas.)

Last week I got a new desk and chair for my little workspace at home, and you better believe I’m going to do product reviews on those when I get a chance.  I might actually combine them into one large review.  We’ll see.

What Should I NOT Include In My Review?

  • Links to the product on some other website
  • Links to other people’s reviews of the product (even Youtube)
  • Discussion of price as a con or drawback of the product
  • Suggestions about where to buy the product

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about writing product reviews for Pukitz, hopefully that helped take the edge off and give you some ideas to grind out some more content.  As always, if you have any questions at all or want some help to get you going, just ask.

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