My Cat Has Yellow Worms In His Butt!

cartoon cat with worms

Cartoon by Chris Desatoff

Okay. I am officially grossed out. About two weeks ago, our precious, little, annoying kitty cat was cruising in the bed with me and my wife one morning. Yeah, he loves me sometimes, so we had a nice morning cuddling…until he turned around and I saw a little booger or something stuck in his fur near his rear end. I pulled it off and IT WAS A FREAKING WORM! Yellow and nasty. Then I looked at his butt hole, and there was another one squirming its way out. A couple minutes later there were a couple more squeezing out. Sorry, cat. But you are going back outside for awhile…

Our Poor Cat Has Tapeworms

This was the first time our cat had worms, so I wasn’t sure what to do and went to Google – and then the vet – for help. It turns out that cats that spend time outdoors often will get worms in their intestines by eating things that bugs have laid eggs in. Cats might eat old food out of trash cans and dumpsters, and they will even eat each other’s poop! And even indoor cats can get worms. To make sure your cat gets proper treatment, it is important to properly identify the type of parasites that are growing in him, since there is no one size fits all kind of cure. For this, we went to the veterinarian and they tested his “fecal matter.” So with that out of the way, it was determined that he had tapeworms. These were little yellow worms that ball up on one end and then stretch out forward and ball up on the other end. It’s kinda like how an inchworm moves, but a little different. You’ll know it when you see it.  These were just baby tapeworms, but the full-grown ones can grow to several inches in length. Gross. So anyways, the vet said that cats get tape worms by ingesting infected fleas! So apparently, the tapeworm laid its eggs in the flea, and then our cat licked up the flea and that’s how the worm eggs got inside of him. Then they hatched in his belly and started coming out the other end. Poor guy 🙁

Our Vet Treated Our Cat’s Worms With Revolution Parasiticide

The vet had a dewormer called Revolution. She said it helps with different kinds of worms and also with reducing fleas. It’s a little tube thing with drops. You just squirt it on his shoulder area where he cannot lick it off, and that’s it. Once a month and he’s all set.  It gets absorbed into his bloodstream and any parasites (fleas/worms) that ingest his blood are dead meat. Note…

  • do not give Revolution orally (by mouth)
  • do not apply when cat’s fur is wet
  • do not give more than once per month
  • cat must be at least 8 weeks old
  • might not be suitable for pregnant or sick cats — ask your vet

She gave us a couple months’ worth for samples, and then we also bought a 6-pack (6 months’ worth) for like $80 or $100 or something like that. It’s pretty important for any cats who go outdoors to do some kind of flea prevention and/or dewormer, but even housecats can be at risk, so we will be continuing the treatment even after we get him spayed and make him an indoor cat (that’s all coming up in a couple weeks). So, I took a video of how to apply the Revolution dewormer drops so I would remember how, and I figured I should include that here too. She mentions shots in the video, but that has nothing to do with the worm treatment. It was his first visit to the vet, so we got his first shots that day too and will follow up with booster shots. But the worm treatment is nothing more than the drops, once per month. Click to watch video: trim.64D4CEDE-072C-4383-BA36-FA24C9314FB7

It worked!

It worked!

That was a couple weeks ago, and so far I haven’t seen any worms yet, so I guess the Revolution dewormer is doing its job. Now if only they had drops that could make him stop lying down on my keyboard as I’m trying to blog. 😉 (UPDATE:  Another week later, and my son and I have also noticed that the cat hasn’t been scratching hardly at all, so I give this one a thumbs up for flea control too, and not just for killing the worms.)   Photos, video and cartoon copyright Chris Desatoff. Chris Desatoff is a blogger and cartoonist living in Hawaii.  Check out more of his stuff at his blog: