My Review of the Keurig Mini Plus

Keurig K10 Mini Plus review

Every place I have ever worked has had a communal coffeepot. Not so at my current place of employment. You have two options: get your coffee from the friendly secretary who has a tendency to overshare, get your own pot, or go to the kiosk that’s only open from September to May.

If I need coffee, then I’m not in the mood for chatter. Also, I shouldn’t have to buy a cup when I’m at work. I have a Keurig at home that I really like, so I opted for a smaller model for my office.


Enter: The Keurig Mini Plus

It’s pretty cute, which is not an obvious feature one looks for in a coffeemaker, but hey, my office really needs some personality. All sorts of colors are available and I got the purple one.

Instructions are included and once you’ve made a cup, it’s pretty easy to remember what to do.

  1. Turn it on.
  2. Pour in the desired amount of water.
  3. Lift the handle to put in a K-cup and while you’re putting it in, the water drains into the reservoir.
  4. me and my keurig mini plusMake sure your mug is in place.
  5. Hit the button labeled “brew” and there you go!

If all you need is hot water, you’ll still have to lift the handle as the water won’t drain unless you do.

I drink a lot of coffee, but not all at once. I like being able to make a single cup at a time. I really like not having to clean a pot.

K-Cups:  A Variety Of Flavored Coffees And Teas

Keurig cups come in a huge variety of flavors so whatever you like, it’s a good bet it’s available. No measuring, no pouring, no cleaning up grounds or buying filters. When you’re done, just toss the K-cup.

Sometimes I don’t want coffee, I’m in more of a tea mood. No problem, just put the teabag in and run the water through with no cup. Simple.

I totally use coffee as a conversation starter. When I get a new flavor in, I’ll casually mention it to colleagues and invite them to visit my office for a cup. When I see someone’s having an off day, I’ll offer a cup. When I see students practically living in my library (I work at a medical school), I’ll ask them if they’d like some. Mostly they don’t take me up on it, but at least I tried.

Really the only thing I don’t like about it is the size. Granted, size was one of its selling points, but you can’t fit just any mug underneath.

A standard size is fine.

A larger one is doable if you take out the catch-all.

Travel mugs? Nope. You angle it and hope.


Keurig Mini Plus with a standard size coffee mug


Keurig Mini Plus with a large coffee mug

A recommendation I would make to anyone getting any brand of Keurig is to invest in a Solofill cup. It’s a K-cup that you don’t throw away. Fill it up with any brand of coffee grounds. Dump it out when it’s cooled. Sure, you don’t get the cappuccino and latte flavors, but if all you want is a simple cup of coffee, it’s a huge money saver. I keep a couple bags and a few cups in my office at all times so I have choices, but mostly I just use the grounds.


solofill with coffee grounds








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