Purse Pouch Review

purse pouch review

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Why I Needed a Purse Pouch ( Doesn’t Everyone?!)

I recently treated myself to a Purse Pouch and had been thinking about getting one for some time. I really needed a Purse Pouch for two reasons:

1) I am basically an unorganized person and this will keep me more organized in my car because I usually have to keep my purse behind me on the floor which makes it hard for me to grab my wallet or sunglasses without pulling over on the side of the road,


2) It will keep my dog from jumping in between the front and back seats at will. She usually rides behind the driver’s side, on the back seat but has a habit of sometimes jumping in between the two seats and it can be very distracting, especially when she gets stuck and needs help getting through. I recently took her on an eight hour car ride and she drove me crazy going back and forth.

And so I picked up a Purse Pouch and couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out.

The Author With Her Purse Pouch

The Author With Her Purse Pouch

Purse Pouch Description

The Purse Pouch is black, and is easily assembled. As you can see in the picture, it has two straps on the top that attach to the front head rest support arms on the driver and passenger seats. There is a string attached to the bottom of the Purse Pouch which goes into the arm rest when you open it, and the drawstring gets looped over the cover, pulled taut against the inside of the console.

The directions say it is NOT for use in cars without this arm rest. It doesn’t say this on the outside of the box, so be forewarned if you have a car with no console armrest that can be opened. My other car doesn’t have a console in the middle but just an emergency brake and 2 cup holders so there is no place to attach the bottom drawstring to. This would result in the Purse Pouch flapping around and distracting the driver so I can see why it is not recommended for these types of cars. The fact that it doesn’t say this on the outside of the box is very misleading.

Directions for Set Up

The directions to the Purse Pouch come inside the box and are very easy. There are no tools required. That is helpful to someone like me who doesn’t exactly have a technical mind.

The pouch measures 14 inches wide and 12 1/2 inches high. I have a variety of purses and realized that some of my larger purses can’t fit inside the Purse Pouch. The directions tell the user to put smaller purses, wallets, notebooks and tablets, etc. inside the pouch, and larger items like large purses can sit on the arm rest, between the seats, and the way the Purse Pouch is positioned, it will prevent the larger purses from sliding backwards onto the back floor area. Personally I like the idea of having my items secured inside the pouch so I use it for smaller purses as well as my camera and sunglasses which usually end up sliding around on the dashboard or the floor. The Purse Pouch keeps my items secure and I always know where I can find them.

purse pouch in backseat with armrest

I recommend this product for women as well as men who want to keep items in their car organized and within easy reach. And it is also great to keep snacks within easy reach when traveling on car trips.

And for those of you who were wondering, yes it does keep my dog in the back seat and she doesn’t even try to jump up front now that my Purse Pouch is between the two front seats..