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my feast buffet review at Red Rock Casino

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii was the huge number of buffets and all-you-can-eat restaurants. People in Vegas love to eat! And since many of the buffets – especially the ones at the casinos – are no more expensive than eating out at regular restaurants and coffee shops, it just makes sense to go to one of Las Vegas’ many buffets to chow down.

So that’s what we do.

A lot.

One of my favorite buffets so far is the Feast Buffet at Red Rock Casino & Resort over on the west side. Red Rock itself is just so impressive – I feel like I’m rich when I walk into that place. Everything is so new and clean and luxurious. It’s my favorite casino off The Strip. So it already gets a plus in my book just for the atmosphere itself. Plus, the ceilings are fairly high and allow for better ventilation and air quality. Some folks love the stench of cigars and sunscreen, I’m sure, but I prefer not to smell everyone around me. So…Red Rock.

Now, let’s talk about the food already…

Prime Rib & Shrimp Dinner Buffet

Red Rock Feast Buffet reviewLast night my mom and dad were in town for a visit, and since Mom had been wanting to check out Red Rock, we decided to go there for their dinner buffet and to play a little bit. It was a Saturday, so they had their Prime Rib and Shrimp buffet going. It’s a few dollars more per person than their regular dinner buffet, but since we usually only come during the week and never done the Prime Rib buffet, I was expecting it to be something special.

Maybe I should have Yelped it first, to know what to expect.

First let me say, I enjoyed all the food, but with the higher price and the “Prime Rib and Shrimp” title, I was expecting this buffet to be very different from their usual dinner buffet offered on weekdays. But it seemed to be all the same foods, but with a prime rib added in.

I was expecting a variety of shrimp offerings like maybe scampi, grilled shrimp, coconut shrimp, shrimp tempura, etc. But they just had some basic fried shrimp. Plus, they had the small cocktail shrimp way over on the end by the sushi, but they always have those anyway.

And that was about it for the shrimp. (Correction: you can have the pasta-station guy add shrimp to your alfredo or whatever, and those shrimp are incredibly delicious — they practically melt in your mouth.)

So you know, it was still good, but nothing like what I was expecting. I think if I had gone in without those expectations, then I would have enjoyed the experience more and been completely satisfied.

Okay, so they get a “C” for the lack of variety of shrimp dishes. Fine.

How Is The Food?

It was pretty good!

They have a couple of carving-board stations set up where they’ll slice you off some prime rib, pork roast, turkey roast, keilbasa, etc. Now, your experience there will vary. You have to know what you want and speak up and tell them what cut you’d like. Look it over real good to and tell them. If you want a lean cut, then tell them. But if the leaner cuts are too dry for your tastes, point to a fattier section and tell them that’s what you want. Same with end cuts.

I learned that the hard way. My first couple times at the buffet, I just said I’d like a slice, and they’d give me whatever. Sometimes it was the best thing ever, and sometimes it seemed dry and tasteless. But now I understand that you have to point out the piece you want.

It seems like a minor, obvious thing, but if you’re new to buffets or kind of shy, you need to know this haha!

Anyway, other than the prime rib and fried shrimp, the buffet is exactly the same as their regular dinner buffet on weekdays.

Sushi & Seafood

Sushi, clams and shrimp cocktail.

Soup & Salad Bar

red rock buffet salad bar


From The Salad Bar...

I really enjoyed the salad bar. I mean, it was your standard salad bar, I guess, but at least everything seemed fresh. Salad bars at some places suck and serve old wilted veggies, but this one was pretty good.

The leafy greens, spinach leaves, and spring salad mix were very fresh. The red and yellow cherry tomatoes were juicy and ripe. They also had a nice little variety of pasta salads and Mediterranean-style salads.

This last time I went, they had three soups available:  chicken noodle, tomato bisque and this thick, creamy mushroom soup. I tried the tomato and the mushroom soups; both were very delicious. The mushroom soup was thick and hearty — I could see someone putting it on their pot roast like a gravy. But the tomato bisque was my favorite. If I wasn’t so damn full, I would have gone back for more.


The dessert section is pretty unbelievable. They just have so much to choose from: pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, gelato. Sometimes the mini-cupcakes have been a bit on the dry side, so we usually go for the gelato or pie. OH! And they have these little creme brulee cups — I’ll get a pic next time and add that into this review. You can’t eat just one of those things. They’re really good.

If you’re a Las Vegas local or are signed up on various mailing lists, you can get some free Las Vegas coupons in the mail or in your email on a regular basis. We get those “buy one get one free” buffet coupons several times a year from these guys, so that’s when we go. The casinos all use their restaurants to get you in the door, so watch for those special deals, and then come get your grub on!

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  1. March 26, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    The food looks great

  2. Dadyoh
    April 4, 2016 at 6:40 am

    How many plates would it take if I started at one end of the stations and took one bitesize serving of everything offered? Hmmm…

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