My Magic Bullet Review: All-in-one Blender, Food Processor and Grinder

The 17 pieces that came with the Magic Bullet

The 17 pieces that came with the Magic Bullet

A few months ago I received a call from my parents asking me if I would like a juicer for my birthday as they were able to get a “really good deal” on one. I knew that they had a juicer and they enjoyed it. It’s not something I would have ever bought for myself, but they seemed so enthusiastic about it and told me how healthy it would be for me, that I said that would be fine.

What they described as a “juicer” is really a Magic Bullet. Officially it is the Magic Bullet 17-piece Express Mixing Set.  I have seen the Magic Bullet advertised many times on television. I was surprised they called this item a juicer. I was not very motivated to try it out because I thought of the Magic Bullet as more of a dicer that made foods smaller so users would not have to chop food up to add to stews and soups. I personally enjoy chopping food when making soups and stews as chopping carrots, celery, and potatoes is something I find very therapeutic.

The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet


But I now was the owner of a Magic Bullet so I figured I might as well make the best of the situation. The box was extremely well packed and I was impressed with the amount of Styrofoam inside. It came with a lot more pieces that I had expected and they included:

  • 1 high-torque power base ( looks like a smaller and taller version of the bottom of a blender)
  • 1 tall cup to place over the top of the base ( used to cook, blend or store food)
  • 1 small cup to place over the top of the base for individual servings (used to cook, blend or store food)
  • 4 “party mugs” which enable you to blend items within the overturned cup, flip it over, unscrew it from the blender and drink
  • 1 cross blade attachment for blending, chopping, mixing, grating and pureeing
  • 1 flat blade for single ingredient items such as nuts, coffee beans, etc, or for whipping cream
  • 1 Magic Bullet blender attachment with cover
  • 1 Magic Bullet juice extractor
  • 1 plunger
  • 1 shaker top
  • 1 steamer top
  • 2 stay fresh re-sealable lids to put over the cups to keep things fresh if you don’t drink it in one serving
  • 2 comfort lip rings
  • 4 gaskets for the blades

That’s more than 17 pieces but maybe they just threw some extras in there for good measure? The going price for the Magic Bullet currently on Amazon ranges anywhere from $48.00 to $53.00 brand new. It is also available in Department stores from between $49.00 and $80.00.

Directions and Recipes

It also comes with a great direction/recipe booklet which is nice that they have them combined so you don’t lose either the directions or the recipes. The direction booklet is a necessity because it tells you what to use each blade for. It tells you which blades and cups you will need for each type of item you want to make.

Some choices are:

  • smoothies
  • frozen drinks
  • grinding coffee beans and spices
  • grinding meats
  • mixing batters for baked goods, pancakes and breads
  • chopping fresh herbs and vegetables

Once you have chosen the right blades and cups, you can start a recipe.

The booklet gives you fantastic looking specific recipes for party dips, salsa, appetizers, spreads for bread, frozen adult drinks, pancakes, omelets, muffins, soups, pasta sauces, macaroni and cheese, and desserts like chocolate mousse and fruit sorbets. I haven’t tried everything yet, but have been having a lot of fun creating delicious smoothies with yogurt, milk and fruits. May favorite so far has been banana, apple and blueberry. I hear carrot, blueberry and strawberry juice is delicious so that will be next.


Two Wonderful Features of the Magic Bullet

1. Pulse

One of the most exciting things about the Magic Bullet is the ability to “pulse” food. Sometimes people blend food for too long and the items inside turn to mush. To prevent this from happening in the Magic Bullet, you have the capability of pushing down manually on the cup once it is attached to the blades and you can repeat this manually for however many times is needed. It gives you more control over how chopped or blended the food becomes.

2. Microwavable Cup

Another cool feature about the Magic Bullet is that you can use the cup feature to prepare things from start to finish, for instance a soup. You chop or blend the ingredients in the tall cup, take it off the blade, pop it into the microwave with a vented cover, and cook for recommended number of minutes. When it’s done, you take it out, pour it into a bowl and have instant soup. This is much more convenient when you don’t have the time to do all the chopping, mixing and cooking on a stove.

There are recipes in the booklet for tomato soup, broccoli, and asparagus soup. But once you get the hang it if you can figure out your own fairly easily. I plan to make cream of mushroom soup soon.


I did read in the directions that one should not use the Magic Bullet for more than one minute at a time as the motor could burn out. Well, that doesn’t say much for the power, and a regular blender, which is bigger in size wouldn’t have the problem. But I think it’s worth getting a Magic Bullet over just a blender because it is so versatile.


I must say I am more impressed with the Magic Bullet than I thought I would be. The instruction guide lays everything out very clearly for you. Clean up is quite easy and the parts are dishwasher safe although the plastic ones are top rack safe only. And having this one machine cuts down on having multiple small appliances in one’s kitchen as it is a blender, food processor, and coffee grinder all in one.

This is a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen, but especially for adventurous cooks. It’s also great for people with small kitchens without much storage space as you wouldn’t need space for those three appliances, just enough for one Magic Bullet. It would make a great shower or wedding gift.

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